Lake George Swim

August 25-26
Kayak and Canoe Support for Lake George Swim.

Dragons Alive will receive a donation for each kayaker escort supplied for Sunday's swim.

The Lake George Swim is a two day event, August 25th and August 26th. For Saturday, kayakers (15-20) are lined up in a 'zone' and each oversees a certain section of the course. They keep out of the way of swimmers but close enough to spot trouble and render assistance if need be. For Sunday's four mile, one way swim, each of the 25 swimmers is required to supply a personal kayak escort. For those swimmers who do not bring their own kayaker, a fee is charged to supply one. Dragons Alive has offered to assist in finding these kayakers. For every kayaker we refer who ultimately participates, the fee will be passed on as a donation to Dragons Alive. If you can commit to escorting a swimmer on Sunday, August 26th, please complete the volunteer form at AND inform me, Julie Elson, by email at Dragons Alive will receive donations only for Sunday kayakers whose names I confirm. However, feel free to sign up for Saturday as well, or instead.

The 4 mile, 6.5 K swim on Sunday, August 26 begins at Rogers Rock Campground and ends at Hague Beach (point-to-point) there is a chart on the website.

7:00 a.m. -- Check-in begins at Rogers Rock Campground beach
7:40 a.m. -- Pre-race meeting
8:00 a.m. -- Start

There is a $10 vehicle entry fee for non-campers at Rogers Rock Campground. Car-pooling is recommended and I will assist with that.

Kayakers will be expected to be on site, ready to launch right after the 7:30 am Sunday morning pre-race volunteer meeting to finalize roles and answer questions that may not have been answered ahead of time.

When the swimmers and kayakers are paired up they will be given each other's contact information so they can discuss any tactics they want. Swimmer registration ends August 22. From the website: "As far as how kayakers and swimmers work together during the event, it's a fascinating relationship and there are specific rules which will be explained ahead of time so the escorts know what the swimmers need, and vice versa. A 4 mile swim takes 2 hours on average which is not a long swim, and experienced swimmers won't stop often for fuel. The escort will essentially make sure the swimmer stays on course, that boats are aware they're there and will watch the swimmers for any signs of tiredness, hypothermia, etc." Hague FD and Coast Guard Aux will provide motorcraft support to all swimmers and kayakers. You may be on the water up to four hours. Wear clothing suitable for being on the water on a hot sunny day. Oh and there is a FREE T SHIRT!!!!