Daily Gazette Article by Brett Samuels, 7/25/16

“A different kind of boating took place along the Mohawk River on Sunday. The air was filled with cheers, shouts and the faint pounding of drums in the distance, as teams raced dragon boats for the Dragons Alive Festival.”

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3rd Annual Feed The Dragon Festival Press Release

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Dragons Alive is reason #40 to love the Capital Area!

“I’m not a water person. But I’d stay out on the Mohawk River on a dragonboat all day, because dragonboats are fun, and the people who paddle them are even more fun (and welcoming to newbies), as I found out last year. Try it this summer!”

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Second Annual Dragon Boat Festival Planned for July 18, 2015

The region’s first dragon boat festival held in July, 2014 was such a resounding success that planning for the second annual dragon boat festival is already underway. As the captain of one festival team put it: “Participating in the festival was amazing…most of us had never heard of dragon boating. Now we are hip to one of the fastest-growing sports in the world!”

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Schenectady Gazette Article by Sarah Roberts, 7/13/14

“Once people try it for the first time, they really get hooked,” said Louisa Matthew, vice president of Dragons Alive and coordinator of the upcoming festival.”

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Times Union Article by Jennifer Gish, 6/25/14

“A lot of exercise is billed as giving you a chance to refocus, to release the monkey chattering away in your brain about home improvement projects you should really get to or what you’re going to do with your kids all summer when school is out. But mastering the technique of dragonboating, stabbing the end of the paddle blade perpendicular to the water’s surface, means you really don’t have time to think about anything else…”

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