Sponsorship Opportunities for Capitol Region Companies

The Feed The Dragon Festival is a fun community event that promotes health and wellness.

Gold Sponsor – $5000

Corporate logo on all festival correspondence

Corporate logo on Dragonsalive.org festival website

Corporate logo on all paid advertising

Mentions in all announcements, press releases, TV and Radio appearances by Dragons Alive members in connection with the Festival

Corporate logo on Festival entrance and Festival signage

Mentions at least once an hour by Festival DJ

Corporate Logo and list appearing in “Thank You” print media ads and Were You Seen? write up.

Platinum Sponsor – $10000

All of the above plus:

Opportunity to have a boat in the festival

Corporate team building experience for up to 45 employees before the festival day

Large sign with larger corporate logos at festival site

Logo on festival t-shirt

Dragon Sponsor

Corporate name listed on sign at entrance to the Festival and on Festival grounds
Mention as prizes are presented


Logo on Festival T-shirt – $1000

Highest team fundraising prize for individual – $1000

Highest individual fundraising prize – $500

Best Drummer costume – $300

Best team T-shirt – $300

Best Tent Décor – $300

Raffle cash prize – $500

Transport for festival-goers from remote parking lot – Multi-passenger vehicle plus driver from 8-4pm on Festival Day

Contact The Festival

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